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Be anywhere while you complete courses with personalized interactive instruction and feedback.

Your course comes package as a syllabus, organized into weekly modules; delivered in text, audio, and video files; supported by your membership.

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Join the conversation.

Be a member in 16-week segments for as long as you need to complete your course or project. Select from four membership types—Professional, Faculty, Student, or Association—designed to your support your needs with tools and resources.

Example of a pyramid

We communicate by making choices in specific contexts.
Use the pyramids to see what those choices may be, how they are made, and why the context matters.


Access any of three services provided with personalized estimates before your project begins.
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Obtain a free estimate of needed editing with a timeline to prepare your manuscript for publication in relation to your disciplinary standards.

A contract is negotiated; partial payment is deposited; and final payment is required once the edited manuscript is delivered. Authors & editors work in a collaborative, dedicated, and secure space in Dropbox.

For a deeper understanding of editing principles, complete the editing book.


Authors & Editors is a publisher registered with R.R. Bowker and Company to issue International Standard Book Numbers (ISBN). See how we can manage your Indie print publishing projects.

Choose the direction for your project.

Faculty can request help to customize courses specific to a discipline, created through offering the Authors & Editors course tools. This customization includes developing disciplinary-based rubrics to grade manuscripts.

Individuals or mentored groups can work with Authors & Editors to develop ethical, disciplinary-based, informal peer review practices. In addition, resources are available in the membership pages for how to understand and do formal peer review.

Authors & Editors can also present a seminar or workshop on the art of accurately estimating time and costs for writing or editing a manuscript. This approach combines rhetorical principles and project management tools.

To get started on any consulting project, complete the professional services estimate online form

Authors & Editors delivers practical and reasonable solutions to your problems learning to write, edit, or publish. We mentor generously.Drawers with art supplies representing support

Pen and pencil icon representing writing & publishing supportWriting and Publishing Support

Contact Cynthia to ask your questions on tools, the use of the rhetorical pyramids, specific writing questions, or to submit a request for a presentation.

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Send sample pages of a manuscript with the submission form for editing or publishing.

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Contact our website developer to resolve technical, download, or payment problems or to report an issue with the website.