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Introducing the Authors & Editors Blog

Authors, editors, and publishers have been struggling with a number of major issues surrounding access to scholarly research and its dissemination. The issues are interrelated and complex, and they’ve evolved during the transition from analog to digital publishing. Each participant– formerly had a well-defined “domain” in the process. Things started to change rapidly about 2003 and the pace of change has accelerated since.

  • Historically, at least four broad issues affect access to scholarly literature:
  • Copyrights that vary by country (Government controlled rights for intellectual property from authors licensed to publishers, public domain, fair use)
  • Costs and value added to the writing (Publishers, authors, users: who pays for services like editing, printing, marketing, sales, distribution, indexing, archiving, and tools to access)
  • Archives (Libraries, repositories, catalogs, warehouses; how is knowledge preserved and retrieved; methods to access)
    Peer reviews and responses (Monitoring progress in the body of knowledge.)

Each of these topics will be covered in subsequent posts.

Related topics will also be discussed, and a short, thorough explanation of some vexing problem or situation in professional writing or publishing will be labeled in the blog as “topic primer”, for example, what are primary sources, why do disciplines have different definitions of them, and how do you know which to use in your discipline? What is open access? What is “predatory publishing”?

You are also invited to send me a question that arose from a blog or atopic that you’d like to see discussed in the blog. Let me know if you want your name cited and use the form on this website at:

Welcome to this blog! Eventually, I would like to see the topics generated from our community of users, so please, write me with inquiries you think might be helpful in a discussion of our authors and editors.

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