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News Updates

(1) On July 18, 2018, the U.S. Copyright Office released upgrades to the Library of Congress’ virtual card catalog and its proof of concept*. These technical upgrades will enhance the ability to track searching and its results when using this version of the Virtual Card Catalog (VCC).

According to the press release (July 18): “In this upgraded version, users now:

  • have the option to perform simple and advanced queries based off the raw datasets captured from the images; may execute queries to narrow the number of results from browsing (in addition to browsing drawers);
  • have more images from which to search (for a more complete search)—this new release contains approximately 99.6 percent of the images from the two indexes;
  • can select multiple drawers from multiple indexes to browse and can click on a card to enlarge an image along with the set of images for easy scrolling; and
  • may also select specific drawers for additional queries, in addition to saving up to twenty-five cards to a folder during a browsing session.

These improvements are designed to enrich the user experience and improve the efficiency of searching Copyright Office records. To access the VCC, go to .

Feedback and survey links are contained within the site. Your feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

* Note 1: This proof of concept is not a final version of the planned Virtual Card Catalog. The purpose is to validate the VCC’s feasibility and to verify its potential use for the public. The images are presented in a similar filing order as found in the physical card catalog and may contain filing errors and corrupt images.”

(2) The Library of Congress, U.S. Copyright Office has upgraded and made live online copyright registration at . This relatively inexpensive pay-for-service can be especially valuable to those of you with dissertations that previously had not been copyright. Many universities now are suggesting that Ph.D. candidates copyright their dissertations before they are permanently stored in a publicly accessible archive or database. Without copyright, you cannot defend your copyrighted work against infringement or collect civil penalties. With copyright, you can sue for infringement and collect both actual damages and statutory damages within a $2500 –$25,000 “per act of circumvention, device, product, component, offer, or performance of service, as the court considers just.” ( )

(3) The Virtual Card Catalog is a useful tool to obtain correct citation elements (author, title, subtitle, year of publication, publisher, unique identifiers, keywords, etc.) When an author is trying to create or verify a list of references for either an informative bibliography or a citation list in a manuscript. This is an especially valuable tool for older, classic works that are difficult to find. The VCC ensures that correct information is incorporated into your citation process as well as enhances your scholarly reputation. Two blogs have been written about the VCC (see ) . If you’d like to access the VCC directly go to .

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