Services are not limited to members, but they do receive a discount, provided on the invoice for each service.

  • Instructional design and content to help you produce your complete courses.
  • Instructional support to faculty so that our syllabus can be customized to fit your discipline-specific needs.
  • Learner support to students and professional members through FAQ and email.
  • Learner support and practice through the use of the theoretical, interactive pyramid models.
  • Estimates for editing services: all types of editing can be estimated from author’s to substantive. Manuscripts can be submitted with the online Authors & Editors form.
  • Workshops and seminars using Authors & Editors tools, membership access, and a customized, interactive and hands-on learning experience for participants.
  • Private, secure, professional environments to learn and practice professional writing and publishing.

To get started on any consulting project, complete the professional services estimate online form
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